Do Flirt Text Messages To A Guy Work?

If you are wondering that do the flirty text messages to a guy work for attracting him and dating then let me tell you that’s what the trend is now.

It works for some people and does not for others.

Those who know how to use the text messages correctly it does work.

If you don't know the kind of messages that turn a guy on then you may have only limited success.

The key is to learn the flirty text messages that are smart, humorous, flirty and arouse his curiosity.

There is no point in sending dirty text messages that are vulgar and send a wrong signal to him.

This does not mean that you cannot be flirty. It is just that you need to be within the limits and not cross the boundary between what is decent and what is vulgar.

If a vulgar message reaches a wrong guy then he may try to use you without the real love or emotional attachment.

Sending your picture is also not advisable since you don’t know where he may share those photos.


Keep the messages simple. Add a smiley to your message.

Wait for him to respond. Once he responds then think about what you want to send next. There is no need to rush and send some irrelevant messages.

Never ever try to fake things just to get his attention. In the long run this will backfire.

If someone is not responding then don’t send him repeated messages. Just forget him and move on.